Qualifications for forming national teams

- Start on June 4 2013 at 15:00 pm, server time [GMT+2].
- Free registration.
- Teams in top 10 for net worth points in World Cup 2012 will receive 50 000 diamonds in the alliance treasury as a reward for their achievements in the previous tournament.
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General Terms & Conditions:

- Only accounts at more than 500 net worth points and registered before May 1 2013 are eligible to participate.
- Managing more than one account is allowed.
- All registered users will have, in the ranking and in the profile, marking signs for ‘Contestant in World Cup Qualifications 2013’ until the end of the Qualifications.
- When registering, the country the account is register from is selected, and the player will automatically start representing the selected nationality in the tournament.
- Players compete only with their compatriots, i.e. each country has its own separate ranking.
- All purchased diamonds left after Qualifications' end can be transferred to another version 5 account of yours. The players who have been qualified for the World Cup will have their diamonds, Premium and bonus caskets to the special realm of the Tournament.
- Active Premium Memberships will be transferred into the World Cup, if the player has been qualified.
- All users, except Imperial Online official employees, are eligible to participate.

Rules and gameplay of the Qualifications:

- Game speed of Empires’ development - Blitz (x4) – 4 times faster than the normal one.
- No attacks between players.
- Automatic attacks are performed against each player every 26 hours; totally 25 attacks.
- All players are Imperians and all attacks are Nomad.
- First 3 attacks are the same for all players.
- After 3rd attack the attacking armies' strength will depend on the player's current ranking:
1st place - 2,00 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
2nd place - 1,99 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
3rd place - 1,98 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
100th to 200th place - base army
201th place - 0,01 times weaker army (number of soldiers) than base
202th place - 0,02 times weaker army (number of soldiers) than base
All players ranked below 250th place will be attacked by 0,5 times weaker army than base army.

- Battles are calculated the same way as the rest of the realms in IO. Nomad units do not have carrying capacity, they always loot everything in a fortress siege.
- Attack types follow a random principle and will not take turns.
- If the attacking army wins a Fortress siege, all player's buildings drop by 1 level and their base net worth points cost is deducted from player's points. If a building is under construction, the level in progress is suspended and its net worth points deducted. Houses cannot drop below 15th level in province 1 and below 4th level in the rest of the provinces.
- If the nomad attack is sent to a province which has not been annexed by the player (e.g. attack going to Province 3, but the player has Province 2 and Province 1), the attack will hit in a province, annexed by the player (either Province 1 or Province 2).
- If the attack is sent to more than one province, but the player has only one province annexed, the armies combine and hit the existing province.
- For each successful defensive victory each player will receive war income equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies in gold equivalent divided equally between wood and iron. This income will be available for only 24 hours.
- All players start with Fortress level 1, with 25 garrisoned archers.
- The maximum count of provinces each player can annex is 4, along with Province 1.
- Resource transportation is instant and available even under attack.
- Development of buildings and researches, as well as soldier training queue is available even under attack.
- Infantry Barracks have 50% increased capacity.
- All players have access to the 10 hours resource income.
- Market prices will be fixed by their base equivalent and will not change during the whole Era. Only an option for resource exchange will be available (even under attack). There is fixed market commission - 15% (fifteen).
- No tutorial.
- No happiness penalty for lost Fortress siege.
- No colonies.
- No Tavern.
- No Alliances.
- No Espionage between players.
- No Vacation Mode.
- No battle history for other players.
- No change of location.
- No timeline notifications.
- All players' accounts will be automatically locked 40 seconds before the last, 25th nomad attack hits.
- You can boost Nomad attacks up to 20% for unlimited number of players. You can boost someone's attack only in case he is currently ranked up to 100 positions above or below you. A player can be boosted up to 20% for one attack. Boosting an attack is allowed just during the first 8 hours from wave's beginning. The attack boost is paid in resource or in its diamond equivalent, but not exceeding the 10 hour production of the Empire.

- Ranking is by net worth points only.

- Players ranked in top 15 will have the right to participate in the World Cup tournament.
- Players ranked in top 15 will have, in the ranking and in the profile, marking signs for ‘national contestant’ until the next World Cup tournament.

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Current available amount in Treasury220 Diamonds

Top 10 Teams

1 Croatia Croatia 718 028 366
2 Poland Poland 638 467 389
3 Italy Italy 618 277 442
4 Brazil Brazil 540 329 300
5 Turkey Turkey 423 137 515
6 Romania Romania 351 023 878
7 Bulgaria Bulgaria 318 351 264
8 Serbia Serbia 260 203 242
9 Greece Greece 258 559 559
10 Spain Spain 255 329 194

Top 10 Players

1 Spain FRANCESC_PL 185 415 011
2 Italy Xopengate 160 116 178
3 Poland Sowizdrzal 157 451 531
4 Russia Dedaboroded 150 792 686
5 Turkey efeece 146 605 560
6 Croatia hacker73 113 549 522
7 Poland Tomek1974 103 617 662
8 Brazil __AMA__ 102 313 989
9 Italy PeccatoDiGola 99 964 527
10 Italy BulloWar 99 862 063
National Contestant

Only the players, who have qualified in Top 15 in the IO World Cup Qualifications, will become part of their country's national team and will carry this medal. It will be visible in the rankings and the players' profiles until the end of the World Cup, and when the World Cup finishes - only in their profiles until the start of the next championship.