Imperia Online World Cup

  • Starts on 04.07.2013 at 3 pm, server time [GMT +2].

  • Free registration.

  • “Lords of the Realm” activation – 3 weeks after the start.

  • Maximum duration – 4 weeks.

  • Only the national teams of all countries participate.

  • Teams in top 10 for net worth points in World Cup 2012 will receive 50 000 diamonds in the alliance treasury as a reward for their achievements in the previous tournament.


  • The Champion of World Cup 2013 will receive 100 000 diamonds.

  • The name of the alliance winner will be cut on a silver plate in the base of the Cup of the One.

  • Gold medals will be shipped via courier to all contestants, members of the alliance winner, silver and bronze medals will be sent to second and third place runner-ups.

  • The members of the alliance, which has won the tournament, will have forever, in the ranking and in the profiles, marking signs, medals, for ‘World Champion of Imperia Online’.

  • The alliances, ranked in second and third place, will have forever in the ranking and in the profiles, marking signs illustrating silver and bronze medals, respectively.

General Terms:

  • More than one account control per person is allowed, but only through the babysitting module.

  • Babysitting accounts is only allowed in the same alliance.

  • A player can babysit or be babysitted by everyone in his team.

  • Babysitters with full rights are allowed to control the babysitted’s armies.

  • Each national team forms an alliance and adopts the name of the country, written in English. There are no special symbols in the names.

  • Only national teams formed by minimum 5 members are eligible to participate.

  • Communication between members of different alliances via personal message is forbidden.

  • Player and alliance profiles have a limited functionality:

    • No avatars,

    • No comments,

    • No personal data.

    • Avatars in alliance menu will be automatically set by IO and will represent the national flag of the team's country. There will be no alliance descriptions either.

  • All purchased diamonds left in players' accounts after the end of the tournament can be transferred to other accounts.


  • Each national team will have a common alliance treasury for diamonds.

  • Everyone, who wishes so, can sponsor his national team, by purchasing diamonds which will go directly to the respective alliance treasury.

  • The Leader and the First officer will determine members' quota for drawing diamonds.

  • Alliance leaders will have the option to send personal messages to their teammates, if there is a need for Diamonds’ contributions in the Alliance treasury

  • The top 5 contributors of a certain country and a ranking of the countries by executed contributions will be both available in World Cup's information site.

  • The most generous contributors will be distinguished with Contributor's heart medal, which will be forever visible in the ranking and profile until the beginning of the next World Cup.

Gameplay rules:

  • Speed of Empires’ development – Mega Blitz х10.

  • Each alliance is formed by maximum 8 accounts of the same race.

  • In the first 3 days of the tournament all the players will be under the “Beginner’s Protection”, which means they will not be able to spy and attack each other.

  • All rules and mechanics of ordinary version 5 realms have effect apart from the mentioned exceptions.

  • No tutorial.

  • No vacation mode.

  • No Holidays’ Protection

  • No change of location

  • No timeline notifications

  • The Non-Aggression pact and Federation do not take part of the alliance standings.

  • Players won’t be able to leave their alliances.

  • Leaders and First Officers will not be able to expel/invite alliance members.

  • If a contestant breaks the tournament rules or the IO’s Terms and Conditions, his account will be immediately blocked.

  • Each nation's contestant, who was ranked 1st in the World Cup Qualifiers, will automatically become the Alliance's Functionary Leader. Members of each of the national Alliances will have the option to vote for new Leader, if they wish so.

Expel from the Alliance and Reserves:

  • A module, with which members can be nominated for expelling from the Alliance.

  • Members can be nominated by the Leader and the First officer only if the Alliance is comprised from more than 10 players.

  • Voting's duration is 24 hours or until all the necessary votes are collected, which amount is more than or equal to members' amount minus 3.

  • After the necessary amount of votes are collected, the Imperia Online Team removes the nominated player from the team.

  • Expelled players leave the tournament for good and cannot play in another Alliance.

  • Each team which has the maximum number of members will have up to 3 players as reserves.

  • Reserves are the player, who ranked 16th, 17th and 18th place during the Qualifications.

  • Alliances will have the choice to replace members with reserves in the first 48 hours after the Championship's start.

  • Players, who are replaced with reserves, must be voted out from the alliance by the same rules, stated above.

  • IO Team will expel and replace the nominated players with reserves on the first labor day after the nominations.

  • After the first 48 hours are passed, and the nominated players are replaced by reserves, the teams will be fixed.

Mega Blitz x10 Definition:

  • The Mega Blitz realm follows the rules and mechanics of Imperia Online but the game speed is multiplied by 10, meaning that accounts' development is 10 times faster than it is in a normal speed realm.

  • Economy

    • Production х10 – 10 times bigger amount of resources produced on 1 hour and 100 workers basis, namely - 100 wood / 20 iron / 50 stone.

    • Gold income x10 – 10 times bigger amount of gold exacted as a tax on 1 hour and 100 workers basis, namely:

      • Second level (very low) – +10 gold

      • Third level (low) – +20 gold

      • Fourth level (medium) – +30 gold

      • Fifth level (high) – +40 gold

      • Sixth level (very high) – +50 gold

    • Population growth x10 – population number increases 10 times faster, but Nomad population limits and Imperian Houses’ capacities stay the same.

    • The Happiness is not influenced by the game speed.

    • Migration is not influenced by the game speed.

    • Construction and research times are divided by 10.

    • Instant construction is available if just 48 hours are remaining, and the instant research - 12 hours*.

    • * This is a basic limit. The higher the development, the net worth points and the number of diamonds spent for instant research, the higher the limit gets.

    • Resource transportation between annexed provinces while under attack takes 5 minutes. In peaceful times, it can be instant.

    • Bank interest is limited to 30 000 000 a day.

    • Bank loans offer 10 times bigger amounts and the paid off period is 168 hours.

    • The paid 10 hour production can be received every 24 hours. The received amount of resources is 10 times bigger than in a normal speed realm because production is x10, but the price remains the same – 10 diamonds.

    • Colonizers travel to the selected colony spot 10 times faster, and colony’s construction time is 1 hour.

  • Military

    • Units’ training time is 10 times shorter.

    • Units’ speed is 10 times higher.

    • Upkeep is multiplied by 10.

    • The shortest mission is 10 minutes in peaceful times.

    • Traveling between annexed provinces and to an independent province takes 2,5 minutes while under attack; 1 minutes and 15 seconds while an enemy alliance member is attacking, and can still be instant in peaceful times.

    • The cool down period of independent provinces which still have resources is 10 times shorter.

    • A province can be pillaged once every 17 hours. 4 pillages can be made by one player every 24 hours.

    • Capitulation lasts for 17 hours. Player “x” has the right to capitulate to player “y” solely if “y” attacked “x” at least once and “x” didn’t attack “y” in the 5 hours right before the capitulation.

    • Automatically generated honor is +3 for Diplomacy Officers and 2 for all other players.

  • Diplomacy

    • Loyalty status stages are divided by 10, so the respective Happiness and Special bonuses are received at a 10 times earlier stage of the era.

    • War duration is 17 hours. The cool down period between the declaration and the activation of the war is 1 hour.

    • The shortest military mission during war is 10 minutes.

    • A province can be pillaged every 8 hours in war.

    • The cool down period (attack free) of newly founded/conquered alliance holdings is still 1 hour.

    • The leader and the First officer can promote/demote members if at least 17 hours have passed from the last promotion/demotion.

Ranking and Victory:

  • The winner is considered the alliance which has managed to retain at least 60% alliance influence range for the period of 17 hours. The stage for winning the realm, ‘Lords of the realm’, is activated after the 3rd week from the beginning of the era.

  • If at the end of the 4th week no alliance has managed to win the title Lords of the realm, world champion becomes the alliance ranked at 1st place by net worth points.

  • The ranking is by alliance net worth points – a sum of all members’ net worth points.

  • The rest of the individual/alliance rankings are just for prestige.

  • If the victory is obtained via “Lords of the Realm” competition, the second and third position are conferred to the next two alliances with highest influence range percentage. If only two alliances dispose of an influence range, the bronze medalist is the alliance with the biggest amount of net worth points out of the non-medalist alliances.

  • If the victory is obtained via alliance net worth points ranking, the influence range is not taken into account and the second and third positions are conferred to the next two alliances with the biggest amount of net worth points after the champion.



Current available amount in Treasury220 Diamonds

Top 10 Teams

1 Croatia Croatia 718 028 366
2 Poland Poland 638 467 389
3 Italy Italy 618 277 442
4 Brazil Brazil 540 329 300
5 Turkey Turkey 423 137 515
6 Romania Romania 351 023 878
7 Bulgaria Bulgaria 318 351 264
8 Serbia Serbia 260 203 242
9 Greece Greece 258 559 559
10 Spain Spain 255 329 194

Top 10 Players

1 Spain FRANCESC_PL 185 415 011
2 Italy Xopengate 160 116 178
3 Poland Sowizdrzal 157 451 531
4 Russia Dedaboroded 150 792 686
5 Turkey efeece 146 605 560
6 Croatia hacker73 113 549 522
7 Poland Tomek1974 103 617 662
8 Brazil __AMA__ 102 313 989
9 Italy PeccatoDiGola 99 964 527
10 Italy BulloWar 99 862 063
The Mark of the Champion