Top Teams

  1. 2 147,5M313,1K1Poland
  2. 621,9M42 4312Romania
  3. 755,4M17 0493Croatia
  4. 179,8M2 2304Peru
  5. 192,6M1 7255Colombia
  6. 203,8M1 5996Bulgaria
  7. 350,8M7637Russia
  8. 246,4M3608Argentina
  9. 151,3M139Serbia
  10. 37,3M310Greece
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Welcome to the official Imperia Online World Cup Site!

Poland is the new 2016 Imperia Online World Champion! Romania wins the silver medals and Croatia grabs the bronze! Congratulations, brave warriors! You are now immortal!



Final Stage Before the Final Stats

Everyone gets castle. Or do they?


Before the Final Weekend

The last weekend, before we announce the 2016 World Champion!


Final Phase: Poland Power

What happened during the weekend?


World Cup 2016 Final Phase First Weekend Recap

The castle rush has begun.