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There can be only one King of the Empire!
Once again the time has come to see him rise!
The Epic Clash of Nations begins and all eyes will be on those who will defend the honor of their countries!
Good luck, noble warriors!
Because you will face the best of the best on the battlefields of World Cup 2019.

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Top Teams
1  Romania 1 609 1 304,8M
2  Brazil 833 1 368,3M
3  Russia 539 71,7M
4  Ukraine 445 46,9M
5  Peru 333 96,2M
6  Egypt 153 66,9M
7  Israel 46 24,0M
8  Italy 13 88,4M
9  UnitedStates 0 162,3M
10  Bulgaria 0 58,3M
Top Players
1  Robertelc 402,6M
2  CEOLINjoia 323,6M
3  DisByDavor 287,4M
4  KingK0ng 197,9M
5  Alex1508 194,6M
6  .Pegasus. 154,3M
7  victorarth 108,1M
8  fantanelu88 88,3M
9  matheusana 76,8M
10  alabalakiwi 74,8M
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10-07-2019 Qualifiers Official Launch

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